Tesla Reduces Model 3 Prices in Japan as Sales of Giga Shanghai Produced Vehicles Begin

Tesla Reduces Model 3 Prices in Japan as Sales of Giga Shanghai Produced Vehicles Begin

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Tesla is expanding its presence in Japan. The EV maker is lowering the prices of Model 3, making the vehicles even more affordable in the country's market. This comes ahead of the start of export of the model from Giga Shanghai.

Tesla is making broader efforts to expand its presence and stimulate demand in the Japanese market, which is mostly focused on local manufacturers. The company revised the prices for Model 3, reducing them significantly. The starting price of Model 3 Standard Range Plus has been reduced by $7,800 to ¥4.29 million ($40,500) from ¥5.11 million ($48,300). Model 3 Long Range dropped by $14,700 to ¥4.99 million ($47,200). Model 3 Performance price remained at ¥ 7.17 million ($67,800).

The decrease in the cost of Model 3 by almost 25% is a consequence of the fact that Giga Shanghai began production of right-hand drive vehicles for various markets, including Japan. In mid-January, a new interior for Model 3 ordered in Japan appeared on the company's website. Such an interior corresponded only to vehicles produced in China; Model 3, produced in Fremont, has a different interior design.

Until now, right-hand drive cars have only been produced at Tesla Fremont's factory. They have been time-consuming to ship, and this has a significant impact on the final cost of the car to consumers. Shipping cars from China to Japan will save a lot of time and lower delivery costs.

In late December, the Japanese government reported that it has adopted a climate plan that aims to get the country completely carbon-free by 2050, part of which is to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars after 15 years. This policy, coupled with significant price cuts for Model 3 in Japan, will further accelerate the popularization of Tesla in the country.

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