Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Could Start in a Few Days

Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Could Start in a Few Days

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Correction: A few hours after @klwtts reported his conversation about the start of Cybertruck deliveries, a Tesla employee contacted him and said that the information was based on speculation, not fact. A link to the post on X containing the clarification has been added at the bottom of the article.

Deliveries of Tesla Cybertruck should begin in just a few days, according to a company salesperson. The market release of the hotly anticipated product is a major milestone for the company. Entering the truck segment will give Tesla a huge development boost.

Fans, enthusiasts, investors, and the general public are eagerly awaiting the start of Tesla Cybertruck deliveries. The pickup truck, presented at the end of 2019, attracted attention with its futuristic appearance. Millions of people fell in love with it, while there were also those who strongly disliked it. It was so unusual that anyone who saw its design did not remain indifferent.

A series of factors, such as COVID-19 and economic instability, delayed Cybertruck’s entry into the market. Earlier this year, Elon Musk announced good news: the first deliveries should take place at the end of the third quarter. However, the exact date was not announced, tormenting the inquisitive minds of impatient consumers.

Now, it has become known that Tesla could begin delivering Cybertruck in just a few days. @klwtts/X reported that he had a call with a company salesperson, during which he asked about the new Model 3. The salesperson said that the car would not be available in the US until 2024, which could be a little disappointing. However, the conversation took an unexpectedly positive turn when @klwtts said he wanted Cybertruck. The seller said, “Deliveries should be starting in a few days.” This was the first time we received more details about the first deliveries of the steel beast.

It is currently unknown whether deliveries will actually take place in a few days, or whether it could take a few more weeks. However, this could be a good sign that the coveted date is approaching, since Tesla employees have a positive attitude. It was expected that the first deliveries of Cybertruck would take place for company employees. At the moment, it remains unknown whether the first deliveries will be made to Tesla’s employees or directly to customers.

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