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Tesla Dominated Dutch EV Market With Close To 30K Model 3 Registered in 2019

Tesla Dominated Dutch EV Market With Close To 30K Model 3 Registered in 2019

Every year since the start of the deliveries of Tesla vehicles to the Netherlands, sales have increased. Due to preferential taxes on electric cars, the American car manufacturer sold about 8,600 Tesla cars in the Netherlands in 2018, which marked a significant increase over previous years. 

Source: Statista

Tesla's sales skyrocketed in Europe as the automaker introduced Model 3 in key markets such as the Netherlands, Norway and Germany, starting in February 2019. Tesla currently has a high market share for electric vehicles, driven by the number of electric vehicles. 

For Tesla, the Netherlands has now become the largest market in Europe. Based on the data from kentekenradar, we see that Tesla delivered 12,062 Model 3s in December 2019. This is an unprecedented record.

But this is not the only great news for Tesla and the Netherlands. Given the record deliveries of Model 3 in December and its overall popularity in the Netherlands in 2019, a new record was made possible for Tesla. As of December 31, 2019 in the Netherlands, an incredible 29,969 Tesla vehicles were registered for the year.

Source: kentekenradar

This is a very large number of deliveries. In the Netherlands, there are approximately 7.9 million households (according to data from, this means that every 263th household own Tesla Model 3. This is an incredibly amazing result for the new car model, which Tesla started selling only in February 2019.

Tesla's success in the Dutch market is incredibly high. Tesla Model 3 not only took #1 in sales of electric cars in the Netherlands in 2019, but also entered the Top 3 in total sales of all passenger cars, including gas-powered vehicles and in luxury category #1.


Car buyers are predictable: they purchase vehicles that are similar to the ones they drove before. Brand loyalty is even passed down from generation to generation. But Tesla has violated these obligations due to the attractiveness of new technologies, high productivity and environmental sustainability, and the Netherlands are an excellent example for this.

Model 3 completely rewrote the rules of what a compact sports sedan can be. Tesla doesn't spend money on advertising; instead, the company relies on high-profile product news, a Twitter news feed from CEO Elon Musk and word of mouth.

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