Tesla Fights for the Right to Provide Clean Energy Jobs & to Free the Purchase of EVs in Delaware

Tesla Fights for the Right to Provide Clean Energy Jobs & to Free the Purchase of EVs in Delaware

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Tesla is seeking a license to open a full-service store in Delaware, but the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) has announced its intention to reject it. The company called on state residents to join the fight for their free choice to buy any car and get jobs in the clean energy sector.

Traditional manufacturers sell cars through franchised dealerships, which drives up the cost of vehicles significantly, but several EV manufacturers, including Tesla, operate on a direct sales model and therefore have significantly lower prices. Despite the absence of laws restricting Tesla sales in Delaware, the company is not able to sell in the state. Thus, in addition to violating citizens' freedom of choice, the state is also losing precious clean energy jobs. Tesla appealed to the people of Delaware to join the fight for their rights.

Tesla applied for a license to open a full-service store in Delaware. The motor vehicle franchise law was written to protect Ford from selling directly and competing against local Ford dealers. Since Tesla has never sold through franchised dealers, the company is eligible to sell directly under Delaware law. However, the DelDOT announced its intention to reject the application.

The consequences of such a refusal to Tesla will have a negative impact directly on the residents of the state. As a result of this decision, Delaware is missing out on the business investment, job growth, and income opportunities that could be generated if EV companies were allowed to open sales locations in the state.

Another major concern is that residents are deprived of the ability to buy electric vehicles in their home state. Delaware restricts consumer choice, stifles competition, and shuts out companies that sell 80% of the electric vehicles sold in the United States. The rejection is even more perplexing as it comes as every state and the federal government in the country is focused on accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles to combat climate change and improve public health. Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the state, so switching to electric vehicles is critical to address this issue.

Tesla calls to work together to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation in Delaware. The company invites residents to contact "Governor Carney to make your voice heard and share your thoughts about DelDOT keeping Tesla out of Delaware." Every resident can tell that the state needs more jobs and a wider selection of electric vehicles that will cut carbon emissions.

In order to get more information on this and to contact the governor, please follow the link: Tesla website.

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