Model Y Deliveries in Europe

Tesla Giga Berlin Plays Crucial Role In Model Y Ramp For Europe


Tesla Giga Berlin could play a crucial role in the EV automaker’s Model Y ramp for Europe. Elon Musk recently shared that Model Y deliveries for Switzerland will start next year in 2021, and the vehicles would probably be made in Giga Berlin. 

“In about a year. Would come from Giga Berlin,” answered Elon Musk to Milo Stoessel’s question about Model Y deliveries in Switzerland. Reservation holders in the United States started receiving their Model Y deliveries in March. Tesla made the official announcement that Model Y deliveries began on March 17, 2020, via YouTube.

Model Y deliverers in the US started earlier than expected since the production of Tesla’s SUV crossover was ahead of schedule. According to Tesla’s Q1 2020 report, Model Y production began in January of this year. By late February, multiple Model Y sightings in the wild had been reported, and a batch of Tesla’s SUV was spotted in the Fremont Factory. 

The pandemic hampered Tesla’s Model Y delivery ramp in Q1, and it is unclear how it will affect European deliveries as of this writing. However, Elon Musk’s latest tweet about Model Y deliveries in Switzerland hint that Tesla remains optimistic for the rest of the year. 


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Musk’s tweet hinted that some countries in Europe might be receiving Model Y units that were made in Giga Berlin. The hint indicates that Tesla may plan to ramp Model Y deliveries in Europe with Giga Berlin. 

Giga Berlin’s crucial role in Tesla’s Model Y ramp would not be too outlandish since the company adopted the same strategy with its Model 3 in China. Giga Shanghai significantly increased the demand for the Model 3 and helped Tesla deliver a record-breaking number of vehicles in China for Q1 2020. Tesla could be planning to do the same with Model Y sales in Europe and Giga Berlin. 

According to a previous Tesmanian report, Tesla has set a production target of 10,000 Model Y units per week in Giga Berlin Phase 1. Tesla’s target for Giga Berlin maybe even more ambitious than its goals for Giga Shanghai.


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So Giga Berlin could indeed play a crucial role in the Model Y’s success in Europe. If Tesla expects Model Y vehicles to be ready for delivery by next year, there is hope that the construction of Giga Berlin’s Phase 1 building is still on schedule. 

Based on the initial plans for Giga Berlin, Tesla’s first Europe-based factory was scheduled to start Model Y production by 2021. Construction of the first Giga Berlin building, otherwise known as Phase 1, was expected to begin in late 2020. 

As of this writing, the land for Phase 1 has been completely leveled and primed for construction to begin. Giga Berlin’s Phase 1 building will presumably house the assembly line for the Model Y.

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