Tesla Giga Shanghai Model Y Drives Insane Interest in China & Black Friday Like Stir at All Stores

Eva Fox by Eva Fox January 02, 2021

Tesla Giga Shanghai Model Y Drives Insane Interest in China & Black Friday Like Stir at All Stores

Photos: Tesmanian

Tesla's China factory began production of the highly anticipated Model Y. Throughout December, we saw hundreds of the electric crossover SUV all around the Giga Shanghai area, which were later sent to various parts of China. On January 1, Model Y began to be showcased at Tesla stores in several cities of the country, which caused a great stir and an influx of customers.

Hundreds of Model Ys that are already or will soon be displayed in the company's stores are attracting a lot of attention from the Chinese. Thousands of customers, in an effort to inspect the new product from Tesla, headed to the stores. The photos and videos obtained by Tesmanian demonstrate that hundreds of people are simultaneously in the shopping halls, reminiscent of Black Friday, where people are in a hurry to buy goods at a reduced price.

In addition to the heightened interest in exploring first-hand Tesla's hot SUV, customers rushed to the shops to order it too. On January 1, the company announced through its website that prices for the China-made Model Y would be reduced. This led to an explosion of orders, and according to rumors, rapidly exceeded 100,000 units.

Model Y Long Range can be purchased for RMB 339,900 ($51,890) instead of the RMB 488,000 ($68,580) previously.

Model Y Performance now costs RMB 369,900 ($56,482) instead of RMB 535,000 ($75,185).

Tesla is actively expanding its presence in China, not only producing and selling its two most popular models, but also forming the most favorable and competitive prices for them.

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