Tesla Giga Shanghai Model Benefits China & US, California Governor Says During Factory Visit

Tesla Giga Shanghai Model Benefits China & US, California Governor Says During Factory Visit

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  • The Tesla Giga Shanghai model has benefited both China and the US, California's governor said.
  • He praised the operating model of Tesla factories during his visit to Giga Shanghai.

California Governor Gavin Newsom visited China. As part of the visit, he also visited Tesla's Chinese factory, Giga Shanghai, on Sunday. He noted that Shanghai's current factory model has benefited both China and the United States.

The governor even tested the updated Model 3, which is currently only produced at Giga Shanghai. The car is available for order in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and Europe. Just recently, first deliveries began in Europe and thousands of new Model 3s will hit the roads this quarter.

Newsom expressed appreciation for the China-US cooperation model, noting that “during the day, the engineers (in Shanghai) are working on the new models, while during the evening, they shift over and transfer to the US because they are awake. So this rotation, 24/7 collaborative spirit, back and forth, is healthy,” according to Xinhua report. Newsom called Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai's role in the collaboration between the two countries “demonstrable,” as it created job opportunities and demonstrated the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation.

“The advantages here are self-evident, not only in terms of the supply chains but also the technology in terms of improving quality constantly. That is beneficial to both countries, certainly to the state of California,” he added.

Newsom also specifically noted Tesla's achievements in the development of self-driving cars. He cited an important role of the company's new research and development headquarters in California, which specializes in autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. The governor, along with Elon Musk, opened the headquarters at a gala event in February.

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