Tesla Workers Refuse to Support Union Strike in Sweden

Tesla Workers Refuse to Support Union Strike in Sweden

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  • Tesla employees did not join the IF Metall union strike in Sweden.
  • Employees who spoke out about positive working conditions at Tesla wished to remain anonymous due to potential union repercussions.

Earlier, IF Metall, a Swedish trade union, announced that Tesla would face a strike initiated by its members last Friday. The union was extremely unhappy that Tesla refused to sign a collective agreement. This was cited as their reason for actions that “could potentially disrupt or seriously hamper Tesla's operations in Sweden.”

However, on Friday, Tesla's Swedish employees worked like any other normal day. There was no noticeable participation of employees of the company. Industry observers noted that the planned walkout was virtually unattended. As noted by local media (via investing.com), cars were repaired at the Tesla location, customers brought and picked up their cars as usual, and none of them needed to reschedule their visit.

In response to questions from journalists about their absence from the planned IF Metall strike, Tesla employees said they saw no reason to participate. They believe that their current working conditions and wages are superior to those of their previous jobs. It is noteworthy that those employees who expressed their views chose to remain anonymous due to concerns about potential repercussions not from Tesla but from the union.

In fact, only a small number of union members across the country decided to take part in the planned strike. The majority of union members working for Tesla in Sweden have decided to continue their work duties.

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