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Tesla Giga Texas Upgrades Model Y Production Line to Increase Efficiency

Tesla Giga Texas Upgrades Model Y Production Line to Increase Efficiency

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Tesla Giga Texas is upgrading the Model Y production line to increase its efficiency. At the beginning of July, the factory will be shut down for about five days. After the restoration of operations, the increase in production will be faster than before.

Tesla has high hopes for Giga Texas in delivering Model Y to the US market. The popularity of the SUV continues to grow, due to lower purchase prices and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) federal incentives. That is why Tesla must now work hard to sell as many cars as possible in the US. Production at the Fremont factory is limited due to limited factory space, so Giga Texas needs to become more efficient.

On Thursday, factory progress observer Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter shared insider information about the changes soon coming to Giga Texas. According to internal sources, Model Y production there will be stopped in order to modernize it. The stop should take place in early July and will last about five days.

Joe said that immediately after the upgrade, Model Y production will slow down. This will be due to the fact that employees will need to be trained and familiarized with the updated production lines, equipment, and layouts. This information suggests the production line may be supplemented with completely new equipment that employees have never worked with before. At the moment, it remains unclear whether this modernization is related to changing the production process itself.

During Investor Day in March, Tesla spoke to a new manufacturing process for cars. It is to be applied to a new generation car to be produced at Giga Mexico. While the entire new manufacturing process is likely to be applied specifically to Tesla's new car models, the possibility that the company may use some of its individual steps to produce existing models should not be ignored. This would probably increase the efficiency of the existing manufacturing process.

In addition, it became known that Giga Texas is switching away from swing shifts. Instead, the factory will transition to only day and night shifts. It also confirms that the efficiency of the production line will increase as the factory will need fewer employees to operate. This will take effect after the completion of the production line upgrade.

Currently, Giga Texas' production capacity is 5,000 Model Ys per week, or over 250,000 per year. It will be interesting to see how much it will increase after the upgrade.

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