Tesla Launches VPP for SDG&E Customers in San Diego

Tesla Launches VPP for SDG&E Customers in San Diego

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Tesla launches Virtual Power Plant for SDG&E Customers in San Diego. The program allows Powerwall owners to earn money by selling energy to the grid.

In August, SDG&E announced the launch of its own Virtual Power Plant program (VPP). As part of the program, the utility will use residential energy storage batteries to reduce demand and increase power supply to the grid during events. Tesla's program was launched separately from SDG&E's program, but is nonetheless part of the same service area, according to AvaNews. Powerwall owners in San Diego can participate in the Virtual Power Plant program by signing up through the Tesla app to control their Powerwall.

The energy system suffers during certain events. If a power outage occurs, demand response measures must be launched. Peaking gas power plants are most often used for this. This measure is expensive and not environmentally friendly, so some businesses are considering alternatives. This is where both utility batteries and home storage batteries can come to the rescue.

A household or business with access to energy storage can reap significant benefits. They can buy electricity while it is cheap and then send it to the grid when it is very expensive. To do this, home batteries are combined into a common network, Virtual Power Plant.

SDG&E has been running its own VPP pilot program since December. Participants receive a message that a demand response event is approaching and can decide whether they will sell their battery supply to the grid. The company reported that so far the refusal rate has been very low. In addition to supporting the state's power grid, participants also receive payment for doing so.

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