Tesla Model 3 From Giga 3 Shanghai Will Resume Delivery Within 24 hours

by George Szeto February 15, 2020

Tesla China Model 3

As we reported, Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai resumes operation on Feb 10th and Giga 3 Shanghai Gears Up To Deliver China-Made Model 3 few days ago.


Tesla Giga 3 Shanghai

Now multiple sources familiar with the matters told us that Tesla China is preparing for the China-Made Model 3 delivery within the next 24 hours in multiple cities. All deliveries will follow Chinese Government guidances and guidelines. As of right now, massive number of Model 3s are transporting from Giga 3 Shanghai to delivery centers in many cities in China.


Tesla Model 3 China Delivery

On February 8, 2020 in a Shanghai Municipal Government special press conference, Shanghai City government spokesman, Xu Wei, mentioned about City Government will fully coordinate to help the enterprises (including Tesla) to resume production as soon as possible and able to operate normally.


Tesla China Stores Delivery

Finally, most of the Tesla stores in China will also reopen on Feb 17th 2019.

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