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Tesla Model 3 Gets Glowing Review from UK Auto Firm: 'It's A Little Slice of Genius'


The Tesla Model 3 recently received a glowing review from a noted auto firm in the United Kingdom named CarGurus UK. The organization stated that the all-electric sedan is a "little slice of genius." The compliment was due to Tesla's capability to give drivers a classic driving experience inside its Model 3 Performance, which has a healthy dose of next-gen tech. 

The recent review was posted by CarGurus UK, the British branch of an automotive research and sales service that was established in the US back in 2006. CarGurus UK opted to use a white Tesla Model 3 Performance with matching white interior for its review. It tested the vehicle's range and driving dynamics on the country's scenic roads. 

The automotive firm had many positive things to say about the Model 3, including that it is a much more affordable vehicle which combines some of the best features from Tesla's two larger cars, the Model S and Model X. The Model 3's long range, which is supported by the company's vast Supercharger Network, as well as Tesla's software, was highlighted by the reviewer as well.


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The performance of the Model 3 received a lot of praise. The reviewer specifically mentioned the vehicle's instant and powerful acceleration was almost addictive to a driver. The Model 3 Performance's lowered springs and larger 20" wheels were noted to give the vehicle a ride that wasn't exactly as soft and comfortable as a European executive sedan. However, the all-electric sedan's capabilities make it a compelling car to purchase overall.

Ultimately, CarGurus UK suggested that the Model 3 may very well have lived up to the hype. The vehicle's release was paved with much anticipation with many suggesting that the Model 3 could be among the most important cars of the decade, just like its larger sibling, the Model S. Considering the vehicle's unique blend of capabilities and features, it appears that, yes, there's definitely a chance that the Model 3 will become one of the most notable EVs of this generation. 

"Is the Model 3 the most important car of the past decade? I think there's definitely a strong argument that says it is, and not just because it brings long range electric motoring to a class that's previously dominated by cars like the BMW 3-Series and the Audi A4. And in some cases, it's actually beating them, and it's not just because the Model 3 is novel either. The Model 3 is important because it moves things on in a really significant way. And it's really easy to say that it's amazing what Tesla has achieved in that short space of time in that regard. 

"But actually, I think you need to turn it the other way because actually, the existing manufacturers with their long histories and well-established processes probably couldn't have come up with something like the Model 3. And probably wouldn't be coming up with a lot of the electric cars they are now without Tesla being on the scene. 

"This car, I think, is a little slice of genius," one of the reviewers from CarGurus UK's YouTube Channel said. 

Featured Image Credit: CarGurus UK/YouTube

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