Tesla Model Y Comes Home To Model 3, First Deliveries Reported

Tesla Model Y Comes Home To Model 3, First Deliveries Reported

A Tesla Model Y was recently photographed side-by-side with a Model 3 in a residential area, in what could very well be the best comparative photo shared so far between the two vehicles. The pictures were shared on social media just as first deliveries of the all-electric crossover were hinted at by members of the Tesla community.

The Model Y is here. Reservation holders of the vehicle are preparing for their respective delivery dates, and Tesla sites across the United States have been spotted with fleets of the crossover waiting to be handed over. Yet amidst all these sightings, a picture of the Model Y parked at a residential area beside a Model 3 remains distinct. It does, for one, show the size difference between the two vehicles, and it hints that the Model Y is significantly larger than its sedan sibling. 

This all but confirms something that Tesmanian reported recently. As we noted in that report, the Model Y’s dimensions suggest that the vehicle is wider and longer than the Model 3. This should allow for a spacious cabin that is larger than the Model 3’s already impressive interior. The images were shared on a Model Y Facebook group, and thus, it is not certain if the vehicle was delivered to a customer or if it was simply a release candidate used by a Tesla employee for testing. However, it does show that between the Model 3 and Model Y, the crossover is significantly larger. 

Apart from the Model Y and Model 3’s side-by-side sighting in a residential area, the all-electric crossover’s finer details were photographed extensively by Tesla enthusiast eweaver19832718. Based on these images, one could see that the all-electric crossover is actually a pretty big vehicle with tons of headroom in the front seats. The car also has a sizable second row and USB-C chargers for rear passengers. 

Model Y Pics

Even more impressively, the images showed that unlike the Model 3, the Model Y is equipped with a wireless mobile phone charger for front passengers. The rear cargo space of the Model Y is very large as well, and coupled with the frunk and extra storage space at the back; the vehicle has tons of places where owners can store items. The vehicle’s power liftgate could also be seen. 

But ultimately, all these sightings seem to pale in comparison to recent reports from the Tesla community that the first Model Y has been delivered as of Friday, in what could very well be the sign of a brand new era for the company. The handover was hinted at by a confirmed delivery schedule on a Model Y Facebook group, which suggests that it will not be too long before posts about the all-electric crossover’s deliveries start getting shared online. 

Featured Image Credit: Zachary Pernikliyski/Twitter

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