Tesla Model Y RWD no Longer Offered in Midnight Silver Metallic for Free in China, but Price Cuts Still in Effect

Tesla Model Y RWD no Longer Offered in Midnight Silver Metallic for Free in China, but Price Cuts Still in Effect

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Tesla Model Y RWD is no longer offered in Midnight Silver Metallic color for free in China. However, the car price cut remains in place and orders are skyrocketing.

On October 24, Tesla cut prices for the entire Model 3 and Model Y lineup in China, which was great news for local buyers. In addition, the company had previously offered a free Midnight Silver Metallic color for the entry-level Model Y in addition to black. However, on October 27, Tesla announced on its Weibo that it had removed Midnight Silver Metallic from the free colors. Now, to get the entry-level Model Y (rear-wheel drive) in silver, you will have to pay an additional RMB8,000 (about $1,100). As before, now Model 3 and Model Y and their variants in the Chinese market are available for free only in Solid Black.

On Monday, Tesla cut prices for all Model 3 and Model Y variants in China. After that, the price of the Model Y RWD was reduced to RMB288,900 (about $40,000) from RMB316,900 previously. It also meant that the car was made available for purchase incentives provided by the Chinese government. Under current policy, one of the conditions for a new energy vehicle to qualify for the government purchase incentive is that the price of the car (before incentive) must be less than RMB300,000, unless they support battery replacement.

Decreasing the price of Tesla cars in China had a huge effect. A local publication, China Entrepreneur, citing a salesperson at one of the manufacturer's stores in Beijing, reported that there had been a huge number of new orders over the past three days. The salesperson said she worked overtime until 2 a.m. on October 24 because hundreds of customers placed orders online and offline.

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