Lancashire, imposes fines for cars that park on-site of the EV’s charging spots

Lancashire, imposes fines for cars that park on-site of the EV’s charging spots

The choice of the EV in particular is dictated by the desire of the buyer to drive an environmentally friendly vehicle. EV, instead of combustible fuel, uses electricity to charge it. Just as access to gas stations is important for an ICE vehicle, access to charging stations is important for an EV.

Unfortunately, sometimes ICE car drivers disrespect the needs of other motorists and block their charging points, which is called ICEing. Sometimes this happens due to the fact that the drivers of ICE cars are simply looking for a parking place, and sometimes in this way they show their dislike for EVs. Be that as it may, this is a problem for the owners of EVs.

In Lancashire’s County Council’s cabinet, England, new rules have been adopted. It will soon be illegal to park a petrol or diesel car at any of Lancashire’s on-street electric vehicle charging points - meaning motorists could be fined if they do so.

At the moment, the restrictions governing the use of chargers are not legally binding and depend on the courtesy of drivers following the curb signs.

Across Lancashire, as part of efforts to reduce the county’s carbon footprint, 150 charging points will be installed - some of which are already in operation.They are located in existing street parking bays that have been converted for this purpose. But complaints began to arrive that ICE cars were blocking a place near the charger, thereby depriving the owners of EVs of the opportunity to charge their cars.

It should be noted that the owners of EVs will also not be able to use the places where the charging stations are located as a parking place. Any electric vehicle parked there must be paid, so that the facilities don't just provide free parking for environmentally conscious motorists.

“Modern developments have outstripped the regulations and need addressing,” county council leader Geoff Driver said.

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We hope that the practice of Lancashire County will be accepted everywhere, all over the world. Indeed, at the moment, ICEing is a problem with which Tesla owners in the USA are well aware. Most often, this kind of behavior carries a demonstration of negative emotions towards the owners of Tesla, the company and the products it produces. Owners of ICE cars intentionally block the entrance to charging stations.

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