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Tesla Model Y Earns 5-Star Safety Rating from Euro NCAP & ANCAP, Gets Highest Overall Score in New Protocol

Tesla Model Y Earns 5-Star Safety Rating from Euro NCAP & ANCAP, Gets Highest Overall Score in New Protocol

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Tesla Model Y earns a 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP and ANCAP, achieving the highest overall score under the new protocol. Tesla cars once again prove that they are the safest, each in its segment and in general.

While scammers, short sellers, and some journalists are trying to deceive the public by telling them that Tesla cars are not safe, the company proves once again that its vehicles are the safest in their segments and in the car market as a whole. Tesla Model Y has earned a five-star rating From Euro NCAP, and achieved the highest overall score under the new protocol, as reported in its blog.

Tesla has always strived to make its cars as safe as possible and they are all built around this idea as the central core. That is why they all achieved the highest safety ratings, and have already saved the lives of their occupants many times during the worst accidents. The company continues to improve the safety of its vehicles and safety tests prove it.

Tesla Model Y has recently passed rigorous testing under a new protocol from the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP). The car received a five-star rating, which was the highest overall score of any car tested under the latest Euro NCAP test protocol. This was based on an evaluation of Model Y’s ability to protect adults, children, and vulnerable road users like cyclists and pedestrians, as well as on its safety assistance features. Model Y received an adult occupant protection rating of 97 percent, a child occupant protection rating of 89 percent, a vulnerable road user protection rating of 82 percent, and a safety assist rating of 98 percent.

An outstanding score of 97% in the Adult Occupant Protection category is the highest of any vehicle tested under this protocol. This category score is determined by a series of frontal, side, and rear whiplash tests in addition to an analysis of several other safety attributes such as rescue, extrication, and post-crash safety.

Euro NCAP used the new Model Y vehicles, which are produced with the latest manufacturing techniques and safety features:

  • Rear Underbody Casting: The rear underbody casting combined with our fortified battery pack provides immense crash strength to the safety cell, helping to maintain compartment integrity. This strength allows our advanced restraint systems to deploy effectively inside the cabin, holding occupants in place and providing protection against cabin intrusions.
  • Far-Side Airbag: Provides additional protection during side impacts, especially when there are two front occupants. This airbag deploys between the front seats to help prevent head injuries that could be caused by occupant-to-occupant contact.
  • Multi-Collision Braking: Automatically applies the vehicle braking system after a collision to help prevent a secondary impact.
  • Collision Avoidance Driver Monitoring System: Uses direct monitoring to detect a distracted driver and automatically adjusts the sensitivity of the Forward Collision Warning system to be more reactive.

Model Y also received a 98 percent score in the Safety Assist category from Euro NCAP. This result was achieved with Model Y vehicles equipped with Tesla Vision, the company's camera vision and neural net processing system that now comes standard in all Tesla vehicles delivered in North America and Europe. The entire industry denied for years that this could be achieved only with cameras, but Tesla proved otherwise.

In addition, Automatic Emergency Braking continues to see major improvements during vehicle turning-across-path scenarios and when reversing with vulnerable road users in its route. Model Y also scored full points in the Lane Support System category. Lane Support Systems help reduce accidental road departures—one of the main causes of single vehicle and frontal crashes according to Euro NCAP.

Tesla also stressed that Euro NCAP recognition comes alongside Model Y's 5-star rating from the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). ANCAP wrote:

“The Tesla Model Y impressed across all four pillars of ANCAP’s assessment, achieving an all-time record score of 98% in the Safety Assist pillar, and the highest Adult Occupant Protection score to date against the latest 2020-2022 rating criteria (97%).

The Tesla Model Y demonstrated high levels of performance for its ability to avoid a crash with another vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist, and maximum points were awarded across the majority of collision avoidance test scenarios. The Model Y is also fitted as standard with a direct Driver Monitoring System (DMS) which uses on-board camera-based monitoring to detect a distracted driver and automatically enhances the sensitivity of the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system to be more reactive if distraction or impaired driving characteristics are detected. From 2023, direct DMS functionality will be assessed under ANCAP’s 2023 test and rating criteria – a step forward from the assessment of indirect monitoring systems that form part of the current rating criteria.”

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