Twitter Will Compete with Other Platforms for Content Creators by Offering Higher Rewards

Twitter Will Compete with Other Platforms for Content Creators by Offering Higher Rewards

Twitter has begun a transformation by launching new features that will increase its appeal to consumers. The company will compete with other content creator platforms by offering higher rewards.

Twitter is an attractive platform where people from all over the world can share their thoughts with each other. In addition, there are many content creators there, but as a place to earn money, the platform is not the most attractive for them. Twitter only offers the possibility of posting links to other sites hosting their content, such as videos. So, Twitter is just a platform for advertising other sites that are attractive to content creators. There's a lot of wasted opportunity here, and new owner Elon Musk is determined to turn that around with a sweeping change that will make Twitter the app for everything.

Twitter's days as a short messaging platform are numbered. Although on the one hand there was a certain charm in it, on the other hand, it was a huge limiting factor for development. Musk intends to fix this. According to a series of tweets he posted over the past week, Twitter is now working on becoming a platform for content creators. He said that the possibility of monetizing content will soon be added.

Although the current version of Twitter has something similar, it still does not give content creators the opportunity to earn a living, compared to, for example, YouTube. Now the platform offers the opportunity to tip or become a superfollower of the creator, for a monthly subscription, but this is only a small additional income. Apparently, the new Twitter will change that.

Musk previously said that the newly offered Twitter Blue subscription for $7.99 a month, which will add a blue badge next to your name and add cool features, will become a source of income and form a pool to reward content creators. It seems to be a rough idea at the moment and no details are known yet, but it has caught the interest of a lot of creators who have hope that they can be rewarded for their work shared on Twitter. Once the feature is launched, it should attract creators, which can greatly expand the platform's user base.

In addition, Musk has shown interest in Twitter offering a YouTube-like experience where creators can post their videos and monetize their content. According to his tweet exchange with YouTuber Quinn Nelson, YouTube gives creators 55% of ad revenue. Upon learning this, Musk said that Twitter “can beat that.”Previously, the new owner revealed that the platform is offering a 42-minute video at 1080 resolution upload option and will allow longer videos to be added over the coming month. This, combined with the ability to earn more than on YouTube, will surely attract a large base of content creators to Twitter.

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