A bit about Tesla's recent successes

A bit about Tesla's recent successes

The latest, but also the most high-profile news from Tesla in recent days, was the announcement of the location of the future Gigafactory 4. It would not be superfluous to note that this happened right at the Golden Steering Wheel Award ceremony, where the Tesla Model 3 was awarded as the Best New Car Model.

Also, all Tesla fans are looking forward to November 21, the day of unveil Tesla Cybertruck. It will be incredible. I am sure that those who still have not heard about Tesla, after the presentation of Cybertruck, will definitely learn about it. Surely, only one thing is clear that Elon Musk intends to shock us all with the design of Cyber S≡XY Truck.

Tesla plans to expand approximately twice its service centers in China, from 29 to 63 and row its local Supercharger network by 39% to 362 stations in coming month.

Tesla's vice-president in China Tao Lin said in the Industry Conference last month in Beijing: "Buildings cars from the Shanghai factory is just the first step. Next we must deliver cars very well to our customers and provide very good after-sales service."

China's Tencent Holdings has bought a 5 percent stake in Tesla for $1.78 billion. Tencent Auto Editor in chief had a test drive Made-in-China Model 3. He noted that the Model 3 is nice to handle and it rides very quietly. Tencent is happy with the Model 3 Made-in-China.

Thanks to the videos from the drones, we saw that near Gigafactory 3 there are already about 5 dozen cars. And that is impressive.


Robyn Denholm confirms that Tesla is waiting their final certification: "We're working with local government to get our manufacturing certification, which we hope we will be able to get by the end of the year."

Remind you, that yesterday Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory received a production license, but automakers in China must also obtain approval for their products for local sale. So far, the Chinese authorities have yet to confirm whether Tesla has received such permission.

In this year, Tesa signed a deal with LG Chem to supply cells for the Gigafactory 3. But according to Bloomberg, Tesla just inked a deal with  Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd. (CALT)

"Following month of negotiations the companies clinched a non-binding deal after Tesla chief executive officer Elon Musk traveled to Shanghai in late August and met with CALT chairman Zeng Yuqun for about 40 minutes, according to the people, who asked not to be named discussing private deliberations. Though a final agreement is expected to be singed by mid-2020, there is no guarantee that will happen, the people said."

In fact, this is a very smart and thoughtful move, even if Tesla does not need this deal in the future. Yes, Tesla plans to produce its own batteries, but there is no harm in getting some price quotes.

There is nothing wrong with knowing which batteries are currently available. Perhaps Tesla will collaborate with the CALT until they start their own battery production.
Also, if something goes wrong in Tesla’s deal with LG, then Tesla will have other options. And in general, this news is good for all battery manufacturers in China, because at any time Tesla may need their batteries.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2020, Model 3 becomes the most efficient car.

Germany Auto Motor on sports reported that the Tesla Model S Plaid prototype has been hand time lapping at Nordschleife - Nürburgring race cource in 7:13 minutes and they did it twice ( in September lap time was 7:23 minutes).

And it’s faster than a Porsche Taycan Turbo and faster than any gas-powered four-door series production car around the ring.
Tesla Model S Plaid beats all cars at this list:

Source: CleanTechnica

Perhaps if you take all the improvements from the Tesla Model S, then the Porsche Taycan Turbo will surpass it. Well, if someone checked this out. Maybe Top Gear could do it? 😂😂😂

Tesla was recognized at the only manufacturer to receive the highest possible score on Moody's Carbon Transition Assessments (CTAs). Now CTAs measure on automotive companies is abilityto transition to a low carbon future.

“I think nobody’s close [to Tesla] to be honest…Today in what manufacturers have on the road or have announced, nothing is matching the 2012 Tesla Model S, and the Model S today is actually 40 percent better than 7 years ago. So that’s how Tesla turn[ed] from being a disruptive innovator 7 years ago to actually an industry leader,” said French analyst Pierre Ferragu. Read more about this in our article: "Tesla Becomes Sole Carmaker to Receive Top Marks in Moody’s Carbon Transition Assessment."

Tesla shows incredible successes in its development and advancement towards its main goal: "accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy".
Many people mistakenly believe and argue that Tesla is ahead only due to the fact that for 16 years it has been developing and manufacturing only electric vehicles. But wait a minute, who forbade all other automakers from doing this? The only goal of all automakers was to earn as much money as possible from the production and sale of gas-powered vehicles. Most of them never worried about how much their products pollute the environment and none of them really wanted to develop a really good and efficient electric vehicles.
Well, now, Tesla shows an incredibly high level, and all the other automakers are just trying to imitate Tesla. But I'm sure that this is a good start and, over time, all automakers will stop spending billions of dollars on the development and promotion of gas-powered vehicles.

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