Marella Cruises Enhances Passenger Experience with SpaceX Starlink Network

Marella Cruises Enhances Passenger Experience with SpaceX Starlink Network

Marella Cruises, a subsidiary of TUI, has unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with SpaceX's Starlink. The move aims to revolutionize onboard Wi-Fi connectivity for passengers across its fleet of five ships, including the latest addition, the Marella Voyager.

Marella Cruises' ships, which include the Marella Discovery, Marella Discovery 2, Marella Explorer, Marella Explorer 2, and the Marella Voyager, have now been equipped with the cutting-edge Starlink network, offering improved and high-performing connectivity while at sea.

Chris Hackney, Managing Director of Marella Cruises, expressed the cruise line's commitment to enhancing the passenger experience, stating –“By working with this global satellite internet system, we aim to provide the very best to our customers, with high-performing connectivity whilst at sea. We know that staying connected is key, whether customers wish to keep in touch with family and friends on their journey, or replying to an important email. We’re really excited to be offering this important upgrade across our fleet.”

Marella Cruises' adoption of Starlink comes as the latest in a series of significant collaborations between cruise operators and SpaceX's Starlink network, known for its ability to deliver high-speed internet access to remote and challenging locations. This partnership is set to significantly improve onboard connectivity for passengers, facilitating smooth communication, access to social media, streaming, and other online activities during their voyages.

The integration of Starlink across the Marella Cruises fleet is expected to set a new standard for cruise line Wi-Fi connectivity and enhance the overall guest experience, ensuring passengers remain seamlessly connected to the digital world even when sailing on the open seas.

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