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Tesla Giga Texas Reveals 'Ecological Paradise' Project

Tesla Giga Texas Reveals 'Ecological Paradise' Project
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  • Tesla Giga Texas reveals its 120-acre Ecological Uplift Project as part of bringing its “Ecological Paradise” vision to reality.
  • This includes restoring natural habitats at an historically depleted mining site, restructuring of depleted soil to bring it into a healthy state to support plant restoration, and other steps.

Tesla Giga Texas’ “ecological paradise” will soon become a reality thanks to the new site extension. The factory has a stunning design that brings all the workshops under one roof and the latest technology in vehicle production, including Cybertruck. In addition, parts of the area near Giga Texas will be open to the public. According to the plan, an “Ecological paradise” should be located on the territory of the site.

“It’s right on the Colorado River, so there’s actually going to be a boardwalk where there’ll be a hiking and biking trail. It’s going to basically be an ecological paradise, birds in the trees, butterfly, fish in the stream, and they will be open to the public as well. So, not closed and only for Tesla,” said Elon Musk during the Q2 2020 Earnings Call.

Since then, the company has done a lot of work to make this a reality. In addition, it recently became known that the company filed a report with the Travis County Commissioners Court in which it disclosed the 120-acre Ecological Uplift Project. The manufacturer wants to expand an environmental remediation pilot project west of Giga Texas.

“The whole goal with this pilot project, which is a fairly large pilot project, is to get a lot of learnings about what works on this site and maybe what doesn't and continue applying this along our river frontage,” Logan Grant with factory engineering at Tesla said, according to Fox7Austin.

“This is really impressive. I know there's lots of chatter in the community about Musk and Tesla and all of that, but what you're created here is really remarkable,” Brigid Shea, Travis County Precinct 2 Commissioner, said.

The expansion plan includes:

Restoring natural habitats in historically depleted mining site
• Diversity: 30+ Native / Adaptive Species
• 5,000+ new native trees planted
• 2,000+ wetland plants, 10,000 in this season
• 50 acres of invasive species removal
• 46 acres seeded (100% completed)

Soil Amendment:
Restructuring of depleted soil to bring it into a healthy state to support plant restoration
• 11,000 Cu.yds (220 truck loads) of composting
• Carefully selected to optimize healthy plant growth and boost biological activity
• 46 acres soil amendment (100% completed)

Shallow Water Habitat Grading
• ~30-acres of shallow water habitat created to improve stormwater quality and attract wildlife

Water Usage
• Irrigation using reclaimed water will offset 150M gallons/year of potable water

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