SpaceX Is Hiring A Medical Engineer To Develop A Starship Medical System

SpaceX Is Hiring A Medical Engineer To Develop A Starship Medical System

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SpaceX runs around-the-clock operations to develop a Starship that will enable astronauts to build the first settlement on Mars. The stainless-steel spacecraft is undergoing testing at the Starbase facility in Boca Chica Beach, Texas. Engineers aim to develop a fully-reusable vehicle capable of launching 100 passengers on long-duration voyages to the Red Planet. A voyage to Mars could last up to six to eight months, so Starship will require accommodations like a home. 

Starship will be a giant vehicle with a height of 50-meters, diameter of 9-meters, and a pressurized cabin size of approximately 1,000 cubic meters. “The crew configuration of Starship includes private cabins, large common areas, centralized storage, solar storm shelters, and a viewing gallery,” SpaceX founder Elon Musk previously said. The cabin will feature large windows and sleeping quarters capable of accommodating two or three individuals comfortably, as well as restrooms, plus other structures to support daily needs. “...The crew compartment or the occupant compartment is set up so that you can do zero-gravity games, you can float around. There will be movies, lecture halls, cabins, and a restaurant. It will be really fun to go. You are going to have a great time!” Musk says. However, not everything is fun-and-games, Starship will require to be equipped with all necessary life support systems for space and infrastructure for survival upon landing on another planet. The spacecraft would need a cabin with medical technology designed to keep the passengers healthy, also to treat them efficiently if they get ill or injured.

This past week, the company added a new job listing on its website seeking to hire a ‘Medical Engineer’ to develop a medical system for the Starship spacecraft. “SpaceX is expanding the world’s human spaceflight capability and revolutionizing human spaceflight operations. The SpaceX medical team is responsible for developing the concept of operations, medical system, research and monitoring protocols, and technology necessary to ensure the safety and health of the crewmembers that fly on SpaceX missions,” the job application says. “As a Starship medical engineer, you will be responsible for developing the medical system for Starship. You will work collaboratively with an interdisciplinary team of engineers, specialists, and directly with customers to develop medical capabilities and execute missions.”

The company is “looking for excellent, team-oriented doctor scientists who have clinical experience, a passion for space, and a demonstrated interest in human spaceflight.” The medical team's responsibility is to work alongside Starship engineers to “design, integrate, and implement a medical system of the future.” If you are a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine with a Masters of Science in Engineering, you can apply for this job position at: SpaceX Job Application.

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Featured Image Source: (photographer: @JaneidyEve via Twitter)


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