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Tesla Model 3 Dominates at 2020 Swiss Car of the Year Awards

Tesla Model 3 Dominates at 2020 Swiss Car of the Year Awards

Tesla's Model 3 recently won the esteemed Swiss Car of the Year 2020 title, adding to its long list of achievements since its release. The Model 3 didn’t just take home the big prize, it dominated almost all the categories, making it truly worthy of the moniker “Car of the Year 2020.”

A jury made of 12 members awarded the title Swiss Car of the Year 2020 to the Tesla Model 3. The Model 3 received 23 percent of the jury's votes. In comparison, the BMW 3 Series came in second place with 14.33 percent of the jury’s votes, and the Mercedes EQC came in third with only 10.67 percent of the votes. The Model 3’s specs seemed to impress the judges, namely its 530 kilometer-range, 487 horsepower, and its 0-100 kph acceleration of 3.4 seconds.

The Model 3 didn’t just win Swiss Car of the Year 2020, it also earned the moniker the "Favorite Car of the Swiss." The latter title is based on a prestigious public vote hosted by Schweizer Illustrierte and its partners AutoScout24, Blick, SonntagesBlick, L'illustré, and il caffè.

The public vote spanned all of Switzerland and gathered up to 17,000 votes from the readership and users of Schweizer Illustrierte and its partners. The Tesla Model 3 had to compete with 46 other new vehicles for the title, and it received 7.9 percent of the votes. Meanwhile, Audi had two cars in the running, the E-Tron and Q3 Sportback, for the Favorite Car of the Swiss title. The Audi E-Tron and Q3 Sportback came in second and third place, respectively.

The Model 3 was also dubbed the "Greenest Car in Switzerland" by a panel of eight environmental experts. Tesla’s sedan beat the second generation, Renault Zoe, another popular green car in Europe. The Tesla Model 3 won 22.50 percent of the points from the panel, while the Zoe won 16.5 percent of the points.

The Tesla Model 3’s title as the Greenest Car in Switzerland is quite an honor. However, winning the Swiss Car of the Year 2020 title and Favorite Car of the Swiss award reveals that the Tesla Model 3 isn’t just popular with professional critics in the car industry, but the public as well in Switzerland. The same seems to be reflected in other countries across the globe.

Tesla's Model 3 has been dubbed Car of the Year in several countries already, including Denmark and Norway. It also won the prestigious Gold Steering Wheel Award in Germany, beating ICE vehicles in the same category. Its past competitions reveal that the Model 3 isn’t just competing in the green car category, but in the mainstream auto market as well.

Tesla's sedan is pitted against all cars within its class in the entire car industry. If anything, the Model 3 proves that electric vehicles are here to stay, and as the Volkswagen CEO said, “Elon is demonstrating that it works.”

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