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Tesla Latest Solar Roof Patent Which Will Benefit Consumers With Even More Affordable Prices

March 20, 2020 0 Comments

This invention will help reduce the cost of solar tiles without adversely affecting their quality. Tesla makes Solar Roof affordable for the mass market. Together with other inventions of the company, its products go to a new level. Thanks to this, Tesla's Solar business will soon begin to bring huge profits.
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Tesla Giga New York Built Enough Solar Roof Tiles For 1K Houses In A Week

March 15, 2020 0 Comments

This news bodes well for Tesla’s Solar Roof business for 2020. 
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Tesla Solar Roof Ramp Is Perfect For Australia's 'Unstoppable' Rooftop Solar Market

March 11, 2020 0 Comments

Recently released statistics about Australia’s solar market reveals that residential rooftop solar installation has remained stable for the first three months of 2020, despite COVID-19.

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Tesla Solar Power Business Could Be Worth Billions

February 29, 2020 0 Comments

Tesla's solar power business could be worth billions. Tesla's Energy sector which comprises its solar products and energy storage devices have taken a backseat to the company's EV business for quite some time. However, 2020 seems to be the year for Tesla Energy.
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Tesla Solar Roof International Orders Officially Available

February 17, 2020 0 Comments

Tesla Solar Roof international orders are officially available. Elon Musk announced last week that Tesla’s Solar Roof business would expand internationally later this year. It seems the company has already started taking orders, validating Musk’s words and revealing the EV automaker’s plan for Tesla Energy. 
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Tesla Solar Roof Poised For International Ramp, Localize Production To Follow

February 15, 2020 0 Comments

Tesla Solar Roof business is poised for international ramp this later year with localized production slated to follow. While in the US, Tesla continues to ramp Solar Roof installations. The company is currently hiring and training for its Solar Roof team.
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