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Tesla Model Y Front Trunk Storage Organizer Box


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    1. Custom design Front Trunk Storage Organizer Box specifically for Tesla Model Y
    2. Built in 6 slots to organize and protect your items
    3. Made with Durable waterproof sturdy ABS plastic material
    4. Fitment: Tesla Model Y (5 seater and 7 seater)


    1. Length: 33.7 inches
    2. Width: 15.0 inches
    3. Height: 6.5 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fits perfectly

The organizer fits the frunk perfectly, and I like the cutout for the light. It sits in the lowest part of the frunk: my only wish would be to make it taller (deeper) so that it divided more of that very large front trunk volume.

Perfect fit, and really useful if you store a lot of small things

I store a lot of stuff in the under floor cargo area of the trunk. It's not used for larger items, like a big bag, groceries, etc, so it was just a mess of things piled on top of each other. When i saw this pop up in the store, I knew I had to have it.

I store things like: first aid kit, tire fixing kit, jack pucks, dog toys/treats/sprays/shampoos/leashcollars, picnic blanket, towels, trash bags, work gloves, and stuff like that. With two layers, it's easy to put the bigger, less used items on the bottom, and the things i use more on top. I've basically doubled the storage and it feels much less cluttered.

It wouldn't work if you're using it for big items, but for a bunch of small things, it's perfect.

The only thing I would've loved, was the top shelf to be smaller so that I could still stick my hand under to access things in the lower level, or to be able to flip it up. With the current design, you have to lift the top layer off completely to access the bottom.